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What I expect from a client who I'm training for. You should come every week, at least once, you can come watch me train your horse anytime, no appointment necessary, its best to call so we arrange that time to be training your horse and not another.

If I am training your horse, you should come to watch, listen, ask questions, ride or practice.

You should do this to ensure the best possible outcome of training on your horse. If you do NOT do this then you will waste your money and then you'll be dissatisfied but this is not the fault of the trainer but fault of the owner for not coming to check on your horse's progress.

Call, email or text anytime to discuss how things are going. 937.602.7625

I train so you can show. `Willie Matthews

4-H Horse Program

I wanted to share my thoughts on what I have encountered. Having been in 4-H yrs & yrs ago, then growing up, watching 4-H horse shows, then judging those county fairs as an adult. I do think that the 4-H horse program in idea is very good and look out for the safety of the exhibitor BUT what I have encountered more & more is that the 4-H Advisors (more than I care to admit) are not helping these kids for show.

I notice that so many of the 4-H advisors have not been trained, or educated to instruct these children in horse shows, nor does it appear they study the state rules for 4-H showing. Some have work rides that are unorganized, and some are even unsafe. These kids then come to the fair, unprepared and lost. Their horses are not kept the way a horse should appear at a show. There's only so much we as judges can do to help these kids. A few constructive criticisms here or there help, but when the show "must go on" time is an issue.

Year round instruction is of the utmost importance. There's nothing like a qualified horseman and another set of "eyes" to see what is really going on with the showman or horse.

~Willie Matthews

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